14″ Pit Barrel Junior


In addition to being perfect for smaller, everyday cooks, the 14″ Pit Barrel Junior BBQ drum smoker takes the portability of the 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel Cooker to the next level, fitting in just about any car, making it ideal for camping, tailgating, or wherever you may want to prepare amazing food. Hang, grill, sear – everything that has made the set-it-and-forget-it Classic Model the best selling drum cooker on the market.

Pre-drilled mounting holes make for easy addition of an optional Mountable Bottle Opener, available with the Pit Barrel Logo as shown, or a wide selection of team logos.

Already own a Pit Barrel? Custom sized Hinged Grates, Ash Pans, and Covers are available for purchase. All other accessories are interchangeable and will work perfectly with the PBJ.


Though the PBJ has a smaller capacity, the vertical hanging of the Pit Barrel®® Concept still packs an amazing punch – 6 racks of ribs, 1 pork butts/shoulders, 1 full packer brisket, 6 chicken halves, 1 17lb turkey– the possibilities are endless.

The PBJ BBQ drum smoker comes with everything you’ll need to get started cooking in minutes:

  • 14″ Steel Drum & Lid
  • Pre-determined Coal Basket
  • 3-Point Barrel Stand
  • 2 Hanging Rods
  • 6x Standard Stainless Steel Meat Hooks
  • Hook Remover Tool
  • Standard Grill Grate
  • 1x Taster Pack of PBC’s Famous Pit Rubs

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions regarding how the PBJ compares to the 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel® Cooker, and the rave reviews of Pit Barrel® from customers just like you!

Pictured but not included: Mountable Bottle Opener


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